For example, you may have invested all your super into a property, but after a year you have some money from new contributions and rent received, and want advice as to where best to invest that money.

Primarily, our advice focusses on the strategies that give you the most tax effective means to invest your super and non-super savings, whilst minimising leakage through fees and charges.

All advice is provided in writing in the form of a Statement of Advice (with limited exceptions).

How we provide SMSF Investment advice:


  • Regularly review investment strategy
  • Provide guidance based on circumstances
  • Focus on tax effective strategies
  • Provide Statement of Advice

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Setting up a SMSF correctly is key to avoiding legal or administrative issue down the track and ensuring the fund is eligible for superannuation tax concessions.


As a SMSF trustee, you are legally required to manage your fund. As SMSF experts, we guide you through the compliance and management of your SMSF to ensure you are doing it correctly.