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Aintree Group Chartered Accountants

Shane McKenna 

Bachelor of Business, Accounting
Director of Aintree Group Chartered Accountants
Chartered Accountant Australia and New Zealand

Firm Bio:

You’ll find we do things differently to other accounting firms. No suits and ties, no commissions, and no jargon! Just actionable, tailored advice in a language you can understand.​
In fact, we go out of our way to educate you on business matters so you understand the “why” behind all our recommendations.​
Our pricing structure means that you won’t see anyone watching the clock. You can stay until we’ve answered all your questions.​
We’ll even come to you, so we can get a proper feel for your business. Our aim is to help you sleep well at night, knowing your business is taken care of.​
Finding the right consultant can be like finding the right life partner. You want someone who’s in it for the long-term. Someone who will walk with you on your business journey from start-up until retirement planning, and everything in between. ​
Someone you can call on for all things business, not just tax or accounting matters. Someone with a network of experts and professionals on speed dial.​
We’re a friendly, lively, interactive team with over 100 years’ experience between us. Meet Aintree Group: your new business partner!

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